Drivers challenged on road rules about turning right when there's a keep left sign - but what would you do?

A question posted on social media has challenged drivers’s knowledge of right hand turn rules.

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) has shared a quiz on their Facebook page which asked whether a car can make a right-hand turn at a particular T-intersection, even if there is a ‘Keep Left’ sign up ahead.

The question and the related picture are below.

“Can the yellow vehicle legally make the right turn at this t-intersection with a keep left sign?” the post asks.

Everyone in the comments answered correctly.

“Of course it can! The yellow vehicle has to keep left of the sign only if and when driving past it!” RACQ said.

“A driver driving past a keep left sign must drive to the left of the sign.”

Many people pointed out the animation did not have any lines on the road, or a ‘No Right Turn’ sign.

“Yes. There is no signage or line markings indicating the turn is not permitted,” one person said. “Just the usual give way rules apply.”

“There is no double white lines or no keep left just before the gap so I would think yes,” another person added.

Many people also said, the driver does not need to keep left until they pass the ‘Keep Left’ sign.

There are a few exceptions to the 'Keep Left' road rule. Source: Getty Images.

“Yes. Keep left is in reference to the vehicles driving straight ahead in oncoming traffic,” someone wrote.

“Once you are past the sign you need to keep left of it. So yes they can turn right at this intersection,” another person suggested.

According tot he Queensland government website, there are a few occasions where it is legal to drive in the right hand lane, even when there is a ‘Keep Left’ sign.

The exceptions to not keeping left include overtaking, turning right, making a U-turn, avoiding an obstruction, driving in congested traffic or using a special purpose lane you are allowed to be in.

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