Rival pledges on energy and climate to power NSW future


* Clean energy target of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and as close as possible to 100 per cent by 2050.

* Pass new laws for carbon emissions reduction targets of 50 per cent by 2030 and net zero by 2050.

* Set up a Net Zero Commission to monitor and review energy prices, progress and the impact on jobs and industry.

* Create the NSW Energy Security Corporation, a state-owned $1 billion body to attract private investors to bankroll renewable energy projects.

* Continue the coalition's $1.2 billion transmission acceleration fund.

* New $25 million hydrogen vocational training centre in Glenwood to reskill workers and train new apprentices.


* A 70 per cent cut in emissions by 2035 and energy transition investment across regional NSW.

* NSW Energy Bill Saver program will give households $250 towards their power bills.

* Promises more families will save on energy bills from a $1.5 billion Clean Energy Superpower Fund for more rooftop solar and community batteries.

* Transmission acceleration grabs a $1.2 billion slice of the fund to fast track pumped hydro and grid-scale batteries.

* New spending of $23 million on the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap to develop local grids so people can produce and share energy locally.

* Ongoing cooperation with the commonwealth and regulators on the development of renewable energy zones.

* The NSW Liberal and Nationals struck a $7.8 billion Rewiring the Nation agreement with the federal government in December.


* A new NSW Energy Transition Authority with at least $500 million each year to support communities and workers.

* Establish PowerNSW, a new, publicly owned non-profit electricity company to reduce power bills.

* Invest in publicly owned renewable energy generation projects.

* Tackle energy poverty with a rollout of household efficiency upgrades

* Get one million homes off gas over six years and ban gas connections on new builds from July 1, 2024.

* Increase coal royalties to share the industry's profits, using a regime similar to Queensland's, to raise an extra $8 billion in revenue a year.

* Phase out existing coal and gas projects, along with coal-fired power stations, by 2030 to avoid the worst climate outcomes.

* Ban new coal and gas projects, including the Santos Narrabri gas project.


* A loosely aligned group of independents who could hold the balance of power want to halt the expansion of coal and gas.

* Stop coal seam gas (CSG) development on Liverpool Plains, including Narrabri.

* Require a climate impact statement for every new coal and gas project or expansion.

*All projects must have climate impacts considered before approval.

* Give communities the right to test the merits of projects in the Land and Environment Court.

* Reduce the cost of living by accelerating the transition to renewable energy and permanently cheaper power bills.


* Do not favour public spending favouring renewable energy sources.

* Support ongoing coal mining for domestic use and export, and consider nuclear as a possible source of power.

* Construction of a new High Efficiency, Low Emissions (HELE) coal-fired power plant in the Hunter Valley.

* Moratorium on CSG and a permanent ban in the Northern Rivers until longstanding recommendations of the Chief Scientist and Engineer are implemented.