Rise in uninsured cars seized from county's roads

Seized car being loaded into a police van.
Cambridgeshire Police seized 1,872 uninsured vehicles in the county last year [Cambridgeshire police]

About five uninsured vehicles a day were taken off the road in Cambridgeshire last year, police said.

The county's force seized 1,872 in 2023, up 12% on the year before.

It said uninsured vehicles posed a "significant risk" to other road users and warned offenders could face an unlimited fine and a driving ban.

"The number of cars seized last year shows uninsured drivers are still a problem but also what we are doing every day to keep the roads safe," said Insp Ed Finn.

"We will always look to take uninsured drivers off the roads because they are a liability and law-abiding drivers are sick and tired of having to pay increases in insurance premiums, partly because of uninsured drivers."

Cambridgeshire Police has equipped some of its cars with automatic number plate recognition cameras.

The force said: "Uninsured vehicles pose a significant risk to other road users as it could leave them significantly out of pocket should medical care, property repairs, or other support be needed."

It warned anyone driving without insurance could receive six penalty points on their licence, a fixed penalty notice of £300 and, if the case goes to court, an unlimited fine and a driving ban.

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