Riley Keough looks *exactly* like 1960s Priscilla Presley with her 2024 Emmys beehive hair

riley keough and priscilla presley
Riley's Emmys hair looks just like 60s PriscillaJason LaVeris - Getty Images

Not only did Riley Keough bring her grandmother, Priscilla Presley as a surprise plus one to last night's 75th Emmy Awards [15 January, 2024], but she paid homage to her as well via an iconic 60s-inspired hairstyle. Like grandmother like granddaughter, hey?

Somewhat settling their rumoured feud, the pair stepped out onto the coveted red carpet arm in arm looking as alike as ever. Riley was seen to be sporting her freshly dyed black hair which contributed to the family resemblance, however, if the colour of her locks itself wasn't enough to resemble Priscilla's from the Swinging Sixties, the actor styled her lengths half-up, half-down topped with a bow. (That is also, very on-trend, may I add.)

riley keough and priscilla presley emmy awards 2024
Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Gregory Russell, the hairstylist behind the look, also shared a few self-shot snaps of Riley's glam on Instagram.

Ordinarily, this would be a hairstyle to gush over but what makes it so reminiscent is the fact that it's an almost duplicate look of Pricilla's from her and her late husband Elvis' wedding day circa 1967.

pricilla presley and elvis
Bettmann - Getty Images

Minus a few inches off of the bouffant beehive, Riley and Pricilla's hairstyles are one of the same, wouldn't you agree?

Whether intentional or not, there's no denying that the pair look almost identical both then and now. Though, hair aside, perhaps that's just down to genetics, or whatever...

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