How I made sexy lingerie 'work' outside the bedroom

Gillian Wolski
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Rihanna does her thing at the Savage x Fenty 2019 collection show. Photo: Getty Images.

Am I the only one who divides their undies into two very distinct groups? There’s the comfy, reliable and oftentimes daggy bras and knickers that sit at the top of my underwear drawer, ready for everyday wear.

Then there’s the other group - the sexy, slinky, lacy lingerie that is both dead gorgeous and, sadly, dead uncomfortable. These delights are usually stashed toward the back of said drawer, only to be brought out for ‘special occasions’.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of sporting something like a saucy hi-cut thong bodysuit anywhere outside of the bedroom - and for longer than, say, five to seven minutes - is just not going to happen.

Well, dear readers, that’s exactly what I did. Why? It came down to one woman, known by one name: Rihanna.

A few weekends ago I settled in to watch the singer/makeup mogul/fashion designer’s Savage X Fenty 2019 collection runway show on Amazon Prime. And boy oh boy, it did not disappoint.

Savage X Fenty is, by the way, the multi-talented star’s foray into lingerie and sleepwear, following the launch of her wildly successful cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty, in 2017.

The brand ‘[wants] you to feel sexy and have fun doing it’ and the runway show is a testament to that, showcasing a diverse range of models all genders, backgrounds and body shapes.

In terms of sizes, Rihanna has made sure to cater to all, with bras from 32A-42H and apparel from XS-3X, which is fantastic and much-needed.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that these pieces - at least those paraded in the show - are all very, very sexy. And as the all singing all dancing, star-studded extravaganza drew to a close, I wondered, could I pull it off? I had to find out.

The Savage X Fenty Women's Reg Satin and Lace Bodysuit (note: this isn't a photo of the reviewer!). Photo: Savage X Fenty.
It's hi-cut but comfy. Photo: Savage X Fenty.

I got my hands on a few Savage X Fenty goodies - which is available on Amazon Fashion Australia and ASOS - including the Satin and Lace Bodysuit (RRP $62.65) and the Demi Cup Bra (RRP $40.33) and Microfiber Bikini (RRP $27.24).

The bodysuit - in sleek ‘Black Caviar’ - looked pretty darn amazing on. It slipped on easily and fit surprisingly well (I got a medium). The material felt silky on the skin and I loved the lace panelling at the front which is laced up with a ribbon, giving you the choice to tie it tight or leave it loose.

The design is verrrrrry hi-cut and not for the faint of heart but if you’re in the mood to push yourself out of your ‘normal’ zone then it’s divine.

Now, it goes without saying that the bodysuit was a hit in those situations where one wants to look - and feel - sexy.

But the real test, for me at least, was wearing it to the office. I paired it with a black linen button-up shirt tucked into my trusty pair of light-wash jeans and, I’m sorry to say, some Nike sneakers.

It didn’t matter how ho-hum my outfit was, however, as I knew what I had going on underneath. It was a twinkle in my eye as I typed away at my desk or popped to the printer.

Model Cara Delevingne and Rihanna at the Savage X Fenty show. Photo: Getty Images.

At lunch, the girls in my team filed into the staff bathroom for a brief show and tell and the bodysuit received their tick of approval. Speaking of the loo, taking care of business in the cubicle proved tricky.

I had two choices - remove all my clothing or pull the garment to one side and get on with it. If you choose option A, allow yourself plenty of time. If you choose B, good luck. Being a lady I shan’t reveal which option I took!

Overall the bodysuit was surprisingly comfy, the thong didn’t do that horrible riding-up thing and the lacy bra bit managed to contain my assets.

The boning in the corset did get slightly pinchy after a near-12 hour day, but on the other hand, it encouraged me to sit up straight which isn’t a bad thing.

What I loved the most about it, though, was how it made me feel. A bit coquettish and a lot powerful.

The Savage X Fenty Women's Reg Demi Cup Bra. Photo: Savage X Fenty.

For good measure, I road-tested something more every day. The demi cup bra was super comfy but also had a sweet and kinda sexy vibe courtesy the ‘lower cup neckline’ (read: a bit more cleavage on show) and the fishnet-and-floral lace.

Like the bodysuit, it fitted perfectly (I’m a 34C) and ‘runs true to size’ as they say in the biz. It’s great for wearing under t-shirts as the lacy bits don’t show through.

I paired it with the microfiber bikini which I like to call the ‘good all-round team player’ of the undie drawer. The fabric is smooth and seamless so there’s no VPL.

My tip? Go up a size. Mine were a ‘small’ but I could’ve done with a bit more room with the ‘medium’.

I got both the bra and knickers in a colour called ‘Pink Rose Quartz’ but the hue in pics isn’t totally accurate as it’s slightly pinker in real life.

The Savage X Fenty Women's Reg Microfiber Bikini. Photo: Savage X Fenty.

If you’re keen to add some everyday sexy to your repertoire then check out Ri-Ri’s Savage X Fenty, via the official website or Amazon. There are also some styles available on ASOS.

Like this sexy Savage x Fenty Embroidered Lace corset in black for $210.

Photo: Asos

Or this super sweet but saucy Savage x Fenty Lace bralette in black for $60.

Photo: Asos

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