Who has the right of way? Tricky road rule question sparks debate

A tricky road rule question has drivers stumped, but can you guess the correct answer?

A diagram posted on Facebook by NSW Road Safety shows an intersection with three cars, a pedestrian and a bicycle and asks people the order in which they should go.

The question has sparked public debate after it was posted on Sunday, dividing social media users.

“E, B, D, C, A- depends if B is permitted to u turn there or not,” one Facebook user guessed.

“Shouldn’t it go E, B, C, A then D? There’s no pedestrian crossing,” another user said.

The correct answer is the bicycle goes first, then the pedestrian, followed by the car turning left, the car turning right and the car doing a u-turn last.

The tricky diagram was posted by NSW Road Safety. Source: Facebook/NSW Road Safety

“ANSWER: E, D, C, A and B,” NSW Road Safety wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

“Bicycle E is going straight through the intersection (without a stop sign or give way sign applying to them) so isn’t required to give way to any vehicle or pedestrian.

“When crossing at an intersection, Pedestrian D must give way to oncoming vehicles going straight ahead.

“Car C is turning after stopping at a stop sign so must give way to any pedestrian crossing the road it’s turning into (Pedestrian D) and all vehicles in, entering or approaching the intersection (Bicycle E), except drivers turning right (Car A) or making a U-turn (Car B).

“Car A is turning after stopping at a stop sign so must give way to vehicles in, entering or approaching the intersection, except drivers turning right or making a U-turn (Car B).”

One Facebook user summed up the confusion over this tricky question.

“By the look of all these answers…no wonder there are so many road accidents in NSW.”

NSW Road Safety posed the tricky road rule question. Source: Facebook/NSW Road Safety