Richie Sambora hasn't been fired: Bon Jovi


Jon Bon Jovi insists longtime lead guitarist Richie Sambora hasn't been fired.

Sambora abruptly left the band on their current Because We Can world tour earlier this year, fuelling rumours frontman Bon Jovi had fired Sambora.

But the US singer, who is currently touring Australia, says that isn't true.

"I've only ever said the same thing. It was personal issues right, he was never fired and as he finally admitted on television it was never a fight he just never showed up," Bon Jovi told the Nine Network.

"I went to work you know ... I've only ever stuck to the truth," he added.

Bon Jovi admits Sambora's absence could effect business.

"He didn't do it to hurt me he did it for personal reasons but that doesn't stop the rest of the machine from rolling and fortunately the fans all realised that and supported us throughout."

When asked if Sambora will be back, Bon Jovi replied: "He's not been fired."

Sambora is yet to return to the band.

Last month, Sambora said he was heading to Australia for a series of solo concerts in the New Year.

"Actually I am going to be doing some Australian dates in January," Sambora told at the time.

Bon Jovi has five more shows left on the Australian leg of their Because We Can world tour after rocking Eithad Stadium in Melbourne over the weekend.