Richard Gadd Names The 1 Famous Baby Reindeer Fan He Still Can't Get Over

Baby Reindeer creator and star Richard Gadd
Baby Reindeer creator and star Richard Gadd Netflix

If there’s one show this year we can confidently call a pop culture phenomenon, it’s Baby Reindeer.

The hit Netflix show quickly became a word-of-mouth hit upon its release back in April, and spent nearly one month at the top of the UK streamer’s TV rankings.

Part of the reason the show has sparked so much conversation is because it’s based on creator and star Richard Gadd’s real-life experiences with a stalker (played by Jessica Gunning), when a seemingly harmless kind gesture turns his life upside down.

In a new behind the scenes interview with Netflix, Richard and his co-stars Jessica and Nava Mau reflected on just how surprising the fan reaction has been.

“I thought it would probably be a critical, cult success, it would sit on the platform as maybe a bit of an artistic gem,” Richard shared. “It’s just crazy that it’s resonated with so many people.”

The writer and comedian went on to share just how unexpected some of the reactions from celebrity fans in particular have been.

“I grew up loving wrestling and WWE and never really shook it, much though I tried,” he shared.

Richard then revealed that he’s always been a “massive” fan of John Cena, and one day he received a video from the wrestling star and actor who said he was a fan of the show.

“You sometimes just can’t believe it’s happening. Like, you’re gonna wake up one day and, ‘Oh, it was a dream’.”

John Cena
John Cena Marleen Moise via Getty Images

He also said that when Stephen King showed his support for the show, it felt like the legendary US author was “playing a prank”.

The writer, known for books like Misery and It, shared an essay in the The Times, in which he described Baby Reindeer as “one of the best things I have ever seen”.

However, as the show has grown in popularity, so too has viewers’ interest in the real identities behind the characters in the show.

While, Richard and his co-stars have urged viewers not to speculate on several occasions, there have since been concerns about whether enough was done to protect the real identities of people portrayed in the series.

Earlier this month a lawsuit was filed against Netflix by the woman who alleges she inspired the “Martha” character, accusing the company of “defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, gross negligence” and “violations of [her] right to privacy”.

Netflix has vowed to “defend this matter vigorously”, insisting they also stood by “Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story”.

Watch Richard’s latest video interview below: