'How can people have fun doing this?' Teen heiress's meltdown while camping

A spoiled teenager who regularly sports designer clothing worth thousands of dollars has had an emotional breakdown at the thought of spending a night in a tent on a British TV show.

It took just an hour for 19-year-old Hattie Garment to breakdown into tears as she embarked on an English camping holiday with a family of four in a social experiment for 5Star’s TV show Rich Kids, Skint Holiday.

“it’s not what I had in mind,” Ms Garment said as she put up her tent while wearing her $700 Gucci trainers.

The teen struggles to put up her tent on the holiday. Source: 5Star

“How do people have fun doing this? I’m a bit stressed now. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.”

For Peter and Louise Hayward and their two daughters Katie and Chloe, it was a landmark occasion – their first time away from home as a family.

For dieting consultant Peter and cleaner Louise, they’d been saving for six months just to get on holiday.

For Ms Garment, an average holiday costs her roughly $3600 a head and is always overseas.

Hattie Garment found the experience an eye-opener. Source: 5Star
Mr Garment celebrating her 18th birthday. Source: Facebook

"Ideally I'd rather be in a hot country, with sun and sea, compared to rain and sleeping in a tent,” she said.

And for the teen, the spending doesn’t stop there. Her wardrobe is full of designer goods, boasting brands such as Burberry and Versace.

She revealed she spends up to $1800 on clothes and makeup every month.

At 19, she lives in her parents’ mansion rent-free and receives nearly $1000 in pocket money each month for her travels.

Ms Garment with the Hayward family. Source: 5Star

For the Hayward family, her lavish lifestyle is a far cry from what they experience.

“It’s quite tough to know for some people it is just that easy,” Ms Hayward said.

“It’s a little bit uncomfortable to be honest. I really wish we could spend money like that.”

And while Ms Garment struggled initially, she revealed the whole experience has allowed her to “understand” the value of money.

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