RFK Jr. doubles down on opposing Gaza cease-fire, invokes Nazi Germany

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doubled down on his opposition of a cease-fire in Gaza and pointed to what the allied forces did to combat Nazi Germany in the 1940s.

Kennedy joined “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Thursday and explained his point of view.

“I would say that hostages have to be returned and Hamas has to be disarmed, or else how can you have a peace?” Kennedy said.

Morgan interjected, asking the candidate how he would plan to disarm Hamas.

“We’re not sure how many are left but certainly thousands of them. When they’re embedded now in refugee camps amongst hundreds of thousands of civilians, millions of them,” Morgan said. “And so, every time you … launch an offensive against them, as we saw with the apparent targeted attack of two Hamas terrorists in the Rafah camp, and as you saw with the rescue of these hostages.”

Morgan noted that at least 210 Palestinian civilians were killed by Israel during its rescue operation of four hostages. He then posed another question for Kennedy.

“At what point does this desperation to eliminate the last members of Hamas get overtaken by the sheer volume of civilians being killed in the process, which I cannot believe will do anything longer term than ferment the ideology that drove Hamas in the first place,” Morgan said.

Kennedy responded by detailing an argument between the United Kingdom’s Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944.

“Roosevelt said we have to denazify Germany and if we don’t denazify Germany … the Nazis are gonna rise up and do the same thing again. Churchill did not want an unconditional surrender for the Nazis. He said, ‘We’re gonna have to kill too many civilians to do that and everybody will fight for the death,’ but Roosevelt won that argument,” Kennedy said.

“We killed about 2 million Germans during World War II in order to get to Berlin and denazify it,” he continued. “Today, Germany is the richest country in Europe, it’s one of the most powerful economies in the world. I think it’s the fourth most powerful and nobody’s scared of Germany because it’s a peaceful country.”

Kennedy argued that he doesn’t see how people are making the argument for a cease-fire because Hamas has proved it only has one goal: to eliminate all Jewish people.

He said a cease-fire would reward Hamas “for taking the hostages and they’re gonna keep taking hostages to get more and more advantage.”

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