Revellers killed after gunmen open fire at Halloween party

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Two people have been killed and more than a dozen injured after a shooting at a Halloween party.

Between 10 to 12 gunshots were heard at a residence in Joliet Township, in the US state of Illinois, on Sunday about 12.40am local time, police said.

Police said the shooting began at a DJ booth, which was set up in the backyard and it is believed about 200 people had been in attendance. They responded to reports of more than 100 people running to the street amid the sounds of gunfire.

Several people were found shot in the backyard and at nearby houses. Emergency services began providing assistance while more gunshots were heard.

Police investigate a shooting at Joliet Township.
Two people have been shot dead at a Halloween party in Illinois. Source: NBC 5 Chicago

Two people were killed. They are yet to be identified by police.

A witness told ALS people were dancing before “shots started going off from the porch”.

Adolfo Sandoval, who attended the party, told NBC 5 Chicago “everyone fell to the floor”.

"When they started shooting, I felt the ricochet of the bullets and when I started feeling them I pushed my girlfriend to the side and I fell with her," he told NBC 5.

"As I’m getting back up people just started stomping on me, running me over."

Police investigate a shooting at Joliet Township.
Police said the shooting began near a DJ booth in the backyard of a home. Source: NBC 5 Chicago

Witnesses told police there were two shooters.

“The shooting occurred from an elevated position on a porch looking down over the crowd,” police said.

“The first shooter is described as an average sized, Hispanic male with facial hair, wearing a red hoodie, a black flat-billed hat, and dark pants. The second shooter is described as an average sized, light-skinned black male or Hispanic wearing a yellow hoodie and ski mask.”

Police are yet to find the shooters.

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