Revealing detail in MAFS' Sandy and Dan's wedding: 'Never stood a chance'

A slow-motion clip from the Married at First Sight wedding reveals a very telling detail.

A hidden detail in a clip shared from the wedding of Married at First Sight stars Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda could suggest the bride "never stood a chance" with her new husband.

The pair appeared to hit it off when they got 'married' on Tuesday night's episode, with the spark between them continuing to thrive as they headed to Singapore on their honeymoon.

However, there is speculation the couple doesn't last the distance, with photos and videos on social media sparking rumours Dan is interested in another woman who was a guest at his MAFS wedding.

A wedding photo of Sandy and Dan smiling.
Sandy and Dan appeared to have a connection when they first met at their wedding. Source: Channel Nine

Popular Instagram account @mafs.bachie.reality has since shared a slow-motion clip of Dan walking down the aisle, showing there may have been some chemistry between the groom and the guest prior to his nuptials.

The guest, identified as Samantha Louise Symes, doesn't take her eyes off Dan as he walks to the altar, with the groom seen holding her gaze as he makes his way down the red carpet.


"They literally acknowledge each other as he walks in," the Instagram account captioned the video.

Fans also noticed there appeared to be a spark between the pair before Dan even met his bride.

"Poor Sandy," one commented.

"She never stood a chance," the Instagram account responded.

The clip comes after a photo emerged on Instagram of Dan looking flirty with Samantha.

The photo shows Dan kissing Samantha's cheek as he rests a hand on her upper thigh while his other arm hangs around her neck. Wearing a tight leopard print dress, Samantha reaches a hand up to Dan's face.

A video also emerged from a boozy viewing party of Dan's wedding, where a friend claims Dan and Sandy live "unhappily ever after".

Dan kisses a woman wearing a leopard print dress on the cheek.
Dan was snapped getting cosy with a guest from his MAFS wedding. Source: Instagram

In the footage, Dan is seen sitting next to Samantha and smiling at her as they watch the episode.

A friend of the groom told Daily Mail Dan and Sandy had "nothing in common".

"He lives a completely different lifestyle, while he and Samantha share very similar values and interests," the friend claimed.

Sources also said Sandy is "deeply hurt" by the photos that have emerged of Dan and Samantha.

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