Revealed: The most racist and unhappy state in Australia

A new report has revealed Australia’s “most racist” and “unhappiest” state.

The survey by The Scanlon Foundation, which broke down participants by age group and state, found West Australian respondents were most willing to reject immigrants based on religion and race.

Thirty-seven percent of WA respondents supported rejecting immigration on the basis of religion and 30 per cent on the basis of race or ethnicity - the highest of any Australian state.

Perth's skyline. WA had the most respondents say they felt it was OK to not allow migrants based on race, ethnicity or religion. Source: AAP (file pic)

Participants were also asked if they felt Australia’s intake of immigrants was “too high”, “about right” or “too low”.

WA wasn’t the highest in this category though - with 45 percent of NSW and South Australian participants believing the intake was “too high”. West Australians were second with 44 percent.

Victorians seemed most concerned about Australia’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers with more than half saying it worried them a “great deal” or “somewhat”.

Thirty-seven percent of WA respondents said it worried them to some degree - polling the state last in the category.

Overall, 41 percent of 3,500 respondents believed the immigration intake was too high this year - a drop of two percent from 2018.

Satisfaction with government

There was a big difference between how Australians feel about our nation’s politicians based on state.

In the west, 40 per cent believe the government in Canberra “almost always” or “most of the time” can be trusted to “do the right thing for the Australian people”.

Those living in the sunshine state proved to be the least trusting with just 26 per cent responding “almost always” or “most of the time”.

WA also had the least amount of participants calling for a change in government with only 34 per cent calling for a “major change”. Queenslanders seemed to be the most dissatisfied with 48 per cent wanting a change.

According to the survey, West Australians are the most satisfied with Australia's politicians. Queenslanders - not so much. Source: AAP

Climate change

Participants were asked which issues concerned them the most out of topics including racism, crime, education, national security and Indigenous issues.

But it was climate change which was found to be the most important issue facing Australians with 24 percent finding it to be the most poignant - up by 10 percent from 2018.

Victorians were the highest in this category with West Australians the lowest at eight percent.

People march for calls for the government to address climate change in Sydney in May. Source: AAP

Happiness and trust

More than half of the participants surveyed reported not trusting people.

NSW respondents were the most trusting with forty-seven percent reporting people “can be trusted”.

Queensland participants, in similar fashion to trusting politicians in Canberra, were found to be the least willing to trust others at 40 percent.

The happiest of all Australians turned out to be those living in the south with only 13 percent of South Australia’s respondents saying they were “unhappy” or “very unhappy”.

An Adelaide resident enjoys Glenelg beach. Only 13 percent of South Australians said they were 'unhappy' or 'very unhappy'. Source: AAP

Queensland and Victorians tied for second in being happiest.

NSW and WA finished second and first respectively with 21 and 22 percent responding they felt “unhappy” or “very unhappy”.

The survey, conducted in conjunction with Melbourne’s Monash University and the Australian Multicultural Foundation, questioned more than 3500 people.

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