Revealed: The sickening past of man who bashed baby to death

The sickening history of a baby killer can be revealed after he was jailed for 34 years.

Melbourne man Dwayne Lindsey murdered his girlfriend Michelle Dearing’s six-month-old baby just a year after allegedly attacking another defenceless child.

The father of two had been left alone to look after his girlfriend’s child Chayse Dearing.

Three hours later, she received a panicked phone call from Lindsey saying the baby wasn’t breathing.

Dwayne Lindsey murdered his girlfriend’s six-month-old baby just a year after allegedly attacking another defenceless child. Source: 7 News

He claimed he’d seen a spider and dropped Chayse, but he then went on the run for four days.

A doctor, who said he had never seen such horrific injuries on a child, agreed Chayse had been bashed and shaken to death.

“Those injuries bear the hallmarks of a ferocious, brutal and sickening attack, inflicted by you on a defenceless, harmless innocent baby,” Justice Stephen Kaye said.

Lindsey’s sentence couldn’t be reported because he was accused of bashing another child and had an upcoming trial.

Chayse Dearling died in 2016 at just six months old. Source: 7 News

On Friday, those charges were thrown out, along with the gag order.

It’s been revealed that Lindsey’s long criminal career began in 2002.

In 2011, he was arrested after he was involved in a high-speed fatal collision with his three-month-old baby girl in the back seat.

Two years later, he held a knife to a student’s throat during a robbery.

Lindsey called Chayse’s mother Michelle Dearing saying he had seen a spider and dropped the baby. Source: 7 News

He was released from jail in 2015 and allegedly assaulted the daughter of another partner.

Then in 2016, he killed baby Chayse. He has never explained why, or expressed remorse.

The judge told the court he’d seen Lindsey become tearful during his trial, but said he didn’t believe he was genuine, labelling the act as a transparent attempt to gain sympathy from the jury.

Lindsey is being held in protective custody.