Revealed: Australia's top 10 'lucky' suburbs with most lotto wins

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Australia's 10 'luckiest' suburbs have been revealed, with the top spot being taken out by a place in Western Australia's Pilbara region.

The new data released by Australian operator The Lottery Office found Bulgarra had the highest average wins in the past two years — making 6714 the luckiest postcode in Australia.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, The Lottery Office CEO, Jaclyn Wood said the biggest prize paid out in Bulgarra was to a man aged in his 40s, who won $40,000.

Pictured is a Sydney street on the North Shore, with houses lining the road. Several NSW suburbs placed on the top 10 lottery hotspot list.
Bulgarra in WA took out the top spot, but NSW had the most suburbs on the top ten list. Source: Getty

"He was one of our first big winners in 2019," she said.

"So that was exciting for him and for us."

Bulgarra wasn't the only WA suburb to place in the top 10 - Singleton came in at number seven, while Mount Hawthorn was ranked as number nine.

However, the 'luckiest' state is NSW, with five suburbs making the list.

Saint Mary's in Western Sydney was number three, while Concord West, St Leonards, Auburn and Tanilba Bay also placed on the list.

The Lottery Office's 'hotspots' were:

  1. Bulgarra, WA

  2. Birkdale, QLD

  3. Saint Marys, NSW

  4. Concord West, NSW

  5. St Leonards, NSW

  6. Auburn, NSW

  7. Singleton, WA

  8. Tanilba Bay, NSW

  9. Mount Hawthorn, WA

  10. Hope Valley, SA

Ms Wood admitted said some of the suburbs on the list were surprising, while others in located closer to cities did make sense.

"We obviously have a lot more customers in cities, so then there's a lot more chance that customers in cities are going to have winning," she said.

Pictured is a generic photo of a lottery ticket. The Lottery Office offers syndicates which allow people to share the prize, but it's cheaper and increases your chances of winning
If you join a lottery syndicate, you do have to share the prize, but it's often cheaper and it increases your chances of winning. Source: Getty Images

Lotto syndicates give players 'bigger chance'

Of course, winning the lottery is just luck of the draw, however, Ms Wood did have a tip on how to best optimise your chances of winning.

The Lottery Office launched syndicates less than a year ago, she said, adding they have proven to be popular among customers.

"It just gives them more chances, for example, they could get 100 games when they'd normally would only buy 10," she explained.

"So you have such a bigger chance. And for a cheaper price."

The only thing is, players must be willing to share the prize.

The Lottery Office allows Australians to take part in overseas draws, for example, on Saturday Aussies can purchase a ticket for USA Mega Lotto's $264 million draw. 

“If the customer wins, we pay them the exact amount of the winnings we collect from the overseas lottery ticket," Ms Wood said.

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