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Retired soldier climbs block of flats to extinguish kitchen fire in southern China

A kitchen fire broke out in a residence while no one was at home in Suining, Sichuan province, southern China. In a moment of peril, a retired soldier climbed up to the third floor from outside and entered through the window, extinguishing the blaze in just two seconds, averting a potential disaster. According to Ms. Li, the homeowner where the fire occurred, the incident took place around 8 pm on May 8. She was out shopping at a supermarket in the neighborhood with her child, completely unaware of the fire situation at her home. Ms. Li explained that while she was doing the dishes, her one-year-old child accidentally turned on the gas stove. She immediately turned it off upon noticing. However, before leaving for the supermarket, the child likely turned on the stove again, leading to the fire. Ms. Li had left the house without noticing the reactivated stove. Ms. Li's husband, Mr. Xu, learned later that a neighbour from the adjacent unit had come forward and promptly extinguished the fire. Their family resides on the second floor, with the ground floor being the underground parking lot. From their perspective, the neighbour climbed up to what appeared to be the third floor. He parked the car beneath the window and used it as a platform to ascend to the third floor, quickly covering the flames with a pot lid. After the incident, Mr. Xu expressed his gratitude by visiting the neighbour's home, but he was not present at that time. Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that the rescuer's surname is Fu, a retired soldier who served for 12 years. Fu humbly described the act of saving the house from the fire as a "small matter" and emphasized that, as a retired soldier, he always carries a sense of responsibility. The video was filmed on May 8 and provided with local media’s permission.