New restrictions for 'high-risk' countries

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* The number of commercial flights from India to Australia will soon be slashed by 30 per cent

* The number of passengers on government-run repatriation flights from India will also be cut by 30 per cent

* Four scheduled repatriation flights from India will be pushed back from May to June

* The federal government is pulling together a list of high-risk countries, which is expected to include India

* Anyone who has been in a high-risk country in the past 14 days, and is transiting through a third country, will need to return a negative coronavirus test 72 hours before entering Australia

* Outbound travel to high-risk countries will be further restricted to essential travel

* The federal government will seek rapid antigen testing for Australians returning on direct flights from high-risk countries

* National cabinet will seek expert advice on the benefits of having aircrew vaccinated as a priority