'Get those epipens ready': Restaurant slammed for 'absolutely abhorrent' post

A novelty burger restaurant in western Sydney is being slammed on social media after using a life threatening allergic reaction to promote their latest dessert.

Downtown Brooklyn in Penrith specialises in over the top indulgent food including fairy bread burgers, rich milkshakes garnished with doughnuts and a burger called ‘big poppa’ that includes four beef patties, four slices of cheese and four pieces of bacon.

On Tuesday the eatery posted a promotion for its latest dessert called the Reese's bowl, a chocolate covered dessert which includes the peanut-filled US chocolate treat, Reese’s Pieces.

“Get those Epipen's ready, because this is going to be worth it!” the post read, along with an image of the dessert.

The marketing post boasted that the dessert was worth eating, even for those with a life threatening food allergy to the ingredients.

Downtown Brooklyn Penrith posted an image of the new dessert on Facebook with the caption "Get those Epipen's ready,". Source: Facebook/Downtown Brooklyn Penrith

“This giant Reese's Pieces is sure to get the heart racing! Loaded with Ice Cream and drizzled in peanut butter and chocolate, it sure screams, get me to the hospital ASAP!” the restaurant wrote.

At the time of publishing the post had received over 4,300 comments and over 1,000 shares.

Hundreds of people have blasted the post, calling it “horrifying” and “totally insensitive” for people who live with the life threatening risk of anaphylactic shock when they eat or come into contact with certain foods.

One concerned parent wrote that although the dessert looked “absolutely delicious,” she suggested the restaurant edit their advertising strategy.

“Your choice of words in advertising is horrifying, have you any idea how terrifying it is as a parent to have to carry Epipens for your child knowing at any point you could have to stab them in the leg to give them a few extra precious minutes for the ambulance to arrive?” the woman posted.

Downtown Brooklyn Penrith specialises in indulgent novelty food such as 'fairy bread burgers' (left) and Nutella shakes complete with a doughnut on top (right). Source: Facebook/Downtown Brooklyn Penrith

“An epipen does not cure an allergic reaction, it just buys time for medical attention to arrive,” the woman continued.

Another person commented that a life threatening allergy wasn’t a joke.

“Totally insensitive advertising... my child is allergic to peanuts which could send them into anaphylaxis, we carry epipens, nothing to joke about with an allergy that can be fatal,” they wrote.

Despite the hundreds of comments and even a petition started to remove the post, Downtown Brooklyn responded on Wednesday unapologetic and advised people offended by the post to send emails to “takeajoke@downtownbrooklyn.com.au”.

“Unbelievable, I was hoping you actually had enough decency to try and understand why there are so many angry reactions to your post,” one person wrote.

The business later released another post with a light hearted apology stating that they felt people responding to the post needed to “see the humour” and claimed “our boss has Anaphylaxis”.

The post ended with an apparent quote from the owner of the store.

“…jab me now and call an ambulance cause I want to try that s**t!,” they wrote.

The ‘DB Crew’ who signed off the post also apologised several times but said they “won’t ever delete the post,”.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Downton Brooklyn Penrith for comment.

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