Restaurant mocks teenager for paying for meal with coins

A restaurant has faced backlash after mocking a teenager for paying for a meal with coins.

Beer 88, in the US state of Virginia, wrote on Facebook on Monday: “How not to pay at a restaurant,” and included a picture of a pile of change.

It added, “(be)cause that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness”.

The restaurant did not name the customer.

Cohen Naulty, 18, has been mocked by a restaurant for paying with change. Source: Facebook/ Cohen Naulty

It turns out that change was used by 18-year-old Cohen Naulty, who had paid for his friends’ lunch with quarters, or 25 cent pieces.

He paid for his US$45 meal with a $20 note and coins, ABC News reports. He also left a $10 tip.

Mr Naulty wrote although it was enough change for the meal “and a great tip,” he was “blasted” by Beer 88.

However, despite being mocked, the 18-year-old said the incident inspired him. He’s now started a Facebook and fundraising page named The Quarter Boy.

Beer 88 shamed one of its customers for paying with change. Source: Facebook/ The Quarter Boy/ Beer 88

“I love paying for people’s meals even if I have to scrape together my last quarters to do so,” he wrote.

“This whole thing made me realise how much I love doing this and why. Even if I get made fun of for it!” 

He’s now encouraging people around the world to donate so he can pay for people’s meals.  

The Virginia resident has already raised more than US$4000 since Monday.

Beer 88’s owner Yao Liu has apologised. File pic. Source: Google Maps

Beer 88 has been slammed for mocking Mr Naulty, and its Facebook page is no longer active.

One woman, claiming to be a former waitress and bartender, said the restaurant’s comments were “totally uncalled for”. 

“People work hard for their money and for this customer comes to your establishment with family and friends to spend time in your establishment with no judgement and you turn it into an ‘example experience’,” she wrote. 

Beer 88 owner Yao Liu has apologised but said she was unaware of the original post. 

Customer Carol Henning told KSET the incident has been a bit of a “blow up” and people “kind of hopped on the hate train”.