Restaurant blames waitress for 'incredibly racist' receipt

A high-end New Zealand restaurant slammed over a “racist” receipt has blamed a new waiter in the wake of a social media outcry.

After stopping in at Falls Restaurant & Cafe in West Auckland for a Sunday afternoon coffee, a group of customers who say they were born and raised in New Zealand were stunned to discover the word “Asians” printed at the top of their receipt.

“This has never happened to me, and I’ve been a regular at that restaurant for more than seven years,” one woman told Stuff.

“When I saw it, I said out loud ‘what’s up with this?’ and I know the waiters heard me but no one acknowledged the situation or apologised … they were totally avoiding us.”

The customer said she was upset given she had been born and raised in New Zealand. Source: Facebook/Falls Restaurant & Cafe in West Auckland

She said that given they were all born in New Zealand, they were truly shocked at the restaurant for their “incredibly racist service”.

Falls Restaurant manager Arvind Kumar told Stuff that they were only made aware of the note after it started gaining traction on social media.

He said a new waiter had typed in ‘Asians’ on the customer receipt as her way of helping identify the group during a busy day of service.

“It was a mistake by the waiter, she’s new and she should not have done that. We never do this and we will never do that again,” Mr Kumar explained.

The restaurant said a new waiter was responsible for the note but insisted it would not happen again. Source: Google Maps

While many social media users expressed their disappointment at the restaurant, others rushed to their defence, accusing people of being “too precious”.

“Shame on you for the ‘racist’ docket … man up and we won’t be visiting there again,” one man wrote.

It comes down to her intent … It would appear her intent was to identify a group of customers easily in a busy restaurant, not to offend anyone … good grief,” another responded.

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