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Residents startled by signs outside daycare: 'Penned in blood'

Brisbane residents say children's drawings outside a daycare centre look 'threatening'.

Locals in Brisbane say a daycare centre is giving off “horror vibes” with a series of “morbid” signs seemingly drawn by children.

In a photo shared online of the Goodstart Early Learning facility in Albany Creek, two posters can be seen attached to a fence which shields the centre from a major road.

They’re covered with children’s drawings of people in blue and red paint, but it’s what’s written on them, and how, that have left social media users stunned.

In thick, red paint the sign on the right reads “Be safe” while the other simply says “play”.

“I love the Albany Creek preschool signage,” the caption on the Reddit post said. “Kind messages, written like a threat, penned in blood.”

The signs outside the Goodstart Early Learning Centre at Albany Creek.
Locals suggested the children's signs were threatening and gave off 'horror' vibes. Source: Reddit/Horror_Inevitable751

‘Be safe, or else’

The original poster wasn’t the only one to stand behind this sentiment.

“Yes, I’ve always said they’re so threatening,” one person wrote. “It’s quite artistic but it’s kinda something I expect the Children of the Corn to draw,” another said.

“Me and my wife can’t help but mention this every time we drive past,” someone else commented. “I thought the same the other day seeing this, [it] has horror vibes,” a fourth added.

“Be safe or else..” another warned. “ the blood of your enemies,” said someone else.

While other residents claimed that they appreciated the local talent.

“They are my fav, I lose it every time I drive past them,” one user wrote. “I love this,” said another. “Makes my day every time.”

“That’s some nice serial killer vibes, I like it!” added someone else.

The Goodstart Early Learning centre in Albany Creek.
The Goodstart Early Learning centre in Albany Creek is bounded by busy major roads. Source: Google Maps

Serious safety message

There could be a serious safety message behind the unusual signs.

“The steel uprights are there because a car ploughed through that fence,” a local father wrote, adding that his kids used to go to the former ABC daycare centre. “Fortunately they were closed when it happened.”

“[It’s] a bit morbid but it [the signs] could have been a project for the kids and kids don’t pull punches when you give them red paint and free artistic licence.”

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Goodstart Early Learning for comment on Tuesday morning but hadn’t heard back at the time of publication.

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