Residents frustrated by rubbish collection system

Some people in Cornwall are frustrated a new rubbish collection system is not picking up bin bags that have the wrong-coloured handles.

Residents have been told it is because they are using older seagull-proof sacks with black handles rather than newer white-handled bags.

Critics have accused Cornwall Council of wasting money and also said they were annoyed that the older sacks they had been using would have to go in the white-handled bags as they could not be recycled.

Cornwall Council said the new rubbish collection service aimed to reduce waste and increase recycling, and the old bags could be collected by it later.

One critic, resident Gary Miller, said: "Unfortunately, I am in a position where I cannot have one of the large [new] wheelie bins as I have no rear access to my property and there are no pavements outside of it either.

"My only option would be to leave the bin in the road, exacerbating the limited parking issue we already have in this street and, quite frankly, making the area look very untidy.

"As a Cornwall Council taxpayer and resident, I find this far from satisfactory."

Cornwall Council said the new recycling and rubbish collection service aimed at encouraging everyone to reduce their waste and increase their recycling.

It said: "All rubbish must fit into the new bin or [white-handled] sack, which our crews can monitor to ensure that residents are not exceeding the amount of rubbish they can put out.

"As part of our new waste collection service for Cornwall, we are asking residents for the first time to limit the amount of rubbish they can dispose of to what can fit in their bin or protective sack every fortnight."

It added: "We’re encouraging anyone who has an existing sack to repurpose it, or, alternatively, we can collect residents’ old sacks once their new rubbish collection starts if they book it in once the service opens for their area.”

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