Residents alarmed by mystery 'explosions' through the night

Cairns residents claim to have heard a number of unusual bangs throughout Wednesday night.

In a post on a community Facebook group a person wrote they heard “explosions” at about 11pm in the Mount Sheridan area, describing them as “seriously full on”. 

And it seemed it wasn’t an isolated incident, with others saying they noticed other strange sounds in other suburbs including Westcourt, Redlynch, Brinsmead and Mooroobool.

Heard very clearly in Manoora coming from Copperload way!!” another person said. 

A couple of people said their dogs went crazy afterwards with one person claiming it sounded like “ dynamite”.

Residents from a number of Cairns suburbs claim to have heard noises similar to “explosions”. Source: Google Maps

“Heard what sounded like a massive explosion/car accident then when half the street was out wondering whats going on couple mins later we all heard like 5 gun shots,” said another.

“This noise was a set of repeated bangs… like semi-auto gun fire or just fire crackers being set off,” another person claimed.

Many speculated it was not something sinister, believing the strange sounds may have come from a car.

“It was a car backfiring or something. Then I could hear it revving and sounded like he waa deliberately making it bang,” one person suggested. 

Authorities said they received a number of calls but nothing unusual had been uncovered.