Republic support grows after Harry drama

Harry and Megan's royal drama is drawing the ire of Australians who are turning towards a republic instead of the prince's new book.

Support for a republic is increasing with Australians remaining split on what day to celebrate the nation and becoming frustrated at the turmoil in the royal family.

Support has increased from 36 to 39 per cent over the four months since the Queen's death, while those in support of the status quo dropped from 37 per cent to 31.

But the new poll conducted by Resolve for The Sydney Morning Herald also revealed 38 per cent of Australians remained unsure of what they'd vote for.

Assistant Minister for the Republic Matt Thistlethwaite said a new Australia Day date when the nation becomes a republic could better unite the nation.

He said the government didn't have any plans to change the date of Australia day.

"But I do recognise that for many Australians, particularly First Nations Australians, it is a difficult day and it's not a day they do feel pride and wish to celebrate," he told Sky News.

"In the future, we could look to an alternative and in my view, that alternative could be if Australians vote to become a republic and we recognise our true independence and maturity as a nation."

The Albanese government has ruled out holding a republic referendum in this term of parliament despite signalling its support for the push.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described Australia Day as "our chance to celebrate just how fortunate we are to live in the greatest country on earth".

"Importantly, it is also an opportunity to reflect on how we can make it even greater," he wrote in a Thursday opinion piece.