Reporter's raw reaction to fatal motorbike crash on live TV

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A news anchor was left in complete shock after witnessing a motorcyclist crash head-on with another vehicle.

On Thursday in Los Angeles, a motorcyclist was speeding down Roscoe Boulevard, at one point reaching a speed of 115mph (185km/h), the los Angeles Daily News reported.

Police were reportedly "tracking" the motorcycle, which was allegedly stolen, but were not in pursuit of it.

The motorcyclist crashed head-on with another vehicle, was thrown into the air and died at the scene.

Pictured is the motorcyclist seconds before it collided with the car.
A motorcyclist crash head-on with a vehicle in Los Angeles and sadly died at the scene. Source: CBSLA

CBSLA reporter Amy Johnson watched the whole thing unfold on air, including the fatal end for the motorcyclist, who died after the crash.

"You can see, wow, that motorcyclist appearing to kind of stand up there on the motorcycle there for a second, but — oh my gosh!" she said, just as the vision showed the motorcyclist crashing into the car.

The vision quickly cut back to the studio, and showed Ms Johnson in shock with her hands over her mouth.

She quickly composed herself to resume the broadcast.

"We have just seen sorry, we just saw that motorcyclist crash into a car," she said.

The veteran news reporter pushed on, although appeared to be shaken.

According to CBSLA, two other people were injured in the crash, but are in a stable condition.

“It’s a very sad day here. Just another example of how reckless driving – regardless of who it is – causes death,” Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Captain Andy Neiman told the news station.

The police reported a stolen motorcycle on Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Police were reportedly not chasing the motorcyclist on the ground in the lead up to the crash, due to lack of ground support and safety concerns.

Amy Johnson was visibly shaken after seeing the footage, though she continued on with composure. Source: CBSLA
Amy Johnson was visibly shaken after seeing the footage, though she continued on with composure. Source: CBSLA

After the broadcast, some praised Ms Johnson's professionalism and composure.

"A huge shout-out & hug to @AmyJohnsonNews who watched something very traumatic unfold live while anchoring local CBS news (allegedly stolen motorcycle crashing during a chase)," one person said on Twitter.

"She was SO composed in an awful moment & deserves huge respect for how she handled that."

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