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“I knew he was cool but that’s a whole new level.”

That’s what a news anchor had to say at WDTV Local 4 after watching reporter Victor Williams do his live cross.

Williams was reporting on the construction of Detroit’s Chandler Skatepark.

And it’s clear he knows the ins and outs of how to use a board.

Instead of simply standing in the skatepark and speaking to the anchors in the WDTV studio, Williams, wearing a full suit and tie, grabbed his skateboard and presented the cross while skating.

WDTV Local 4 reporter Victor Williams does a live segment in Detroit while skateboarding.
Plenty of Yahoo News journalists can do this... We just choose not to. Source: WDTV Local 4

And boy, did he nail it.

In a clip of the segment shared by Williams on Twitter, he’s seen riding down a ramp past the camera and then up another one while mentioning a man giving free lessons at the park.

He then turns and rides down facing the camera again.

“As far as Chandler Skatepark – they’ll be done in about the next 10 days or so,” he says, riding past the camera.

Williams then signs off, going up another ramp.

His moves had anchors in the studio gushing.

“He’s so cool. Look at him go,” one of the anchors says.

Her co-anchor asks how long he’s been skating and he says “a long time” since he was about eight years old.

“So impressed. I knew he was cool but that’s a whole new level,” she says.

She wasn't alone with her praise. On Twitter, where the clip was viewed more than two million times, people lauded Williams’s approach to broadcast news.

“This is the greatest stand up of all time. Well, standing and moving too,” one man tweeted.

One woman tweeted she loved it.

“Imagine all the Black boys and girls to not only see you do this on tv, but in a suit as a news anchor. Gentle reminder that being Black is not a monolith,” she tweeted.

Others called it “outstanding” ; another man suggested Williams was also holding back in showing off his skateboarding skills “in the interest of maintaining a professional broadcast”.

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