'Neighbours from hell' accused of terrorising family next door before hosing reporter

A television crew has copped a soaking from a family living in government-funded housing in Melbourne’s east, who neighbours claim are terrorising them.

Disability pensioner Margaret Stokes, 59, who lives in Blackburn with her daughter Rachel say their neighbour Rob Rakei and his teenage daughter Sage have them terrified to leave their home.

But Mr Rakei and his relatives say they have done nothing wrong.

"Every time I have to leave the house I have a panic attack, every time I have to come back I have a panic attack,” Rachel told Channel Nine’s A Current Affair.

Ms Stokes, a former researcher, was forced into public housing after having a brain aneurysm, but says she has been bullied by Mr Rakei and his daughter.

The woman identified as Sage is seen in the A Current Affair video hosing their reporter with water. Source: A Current Affair

She says the Department of Health and Human Services had declined to relocate her from the home and she was instead placed on a waiting list.

When A Current Affair reporter Sam Cucchhiara visited Mr Rakei’s home after Ms Stokes had contacted the show, he and his camera crew were soaked with a garden hose as they approached to discuss their neighbours’ claims.

“So you guys are being bullies to your neighbours and now you’re hosing us down?” a startled Cucchiara asks the family.

However, the family refuse to chat and ask Cucchiara and the cameras to leave.

The ACA story showed footage Ms Stokes’ daughter had shot which appears to shows Sage throwing a rock at Rachel as she filmed a foul-mouthed tirade aimed at her.

Margaret Stokes says her neighbours have been 'hellish'. Source: ACA

Ms Stokes and her daughter claim it’s one of a series of incidents where they’ve been threatened by the family.

The mother, who was brought to tears as she recalled her ordeal, described her neighbours as “hellish”.

After ACA’s involvement in the matter, the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed they have since found a new home for Ms Stokes and Rachel.

“Anti-social behaviour in our public housing properties is not on and will not be tolerated,” the department said in a statement to the show.

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