SA dog racing 'shrouded in secrecy': RSPCA


Greyhound racing in South Australia is "shrouded in secrecy" and its regulator should be replaced, the RSPCA says.

RSPCA SA says Greyhound Racing SA won't publicly reveal how many dogs have been bred and killed as part of the sport in the state in recent years.

The animal welfare organisation is calling on Racing Minister Leon Bignell to replace the regulator unless it is willing to be more transparent.

"The SA greyhound racing industry is shrouded in secrecy, accountable to no-one but themselves," RSCPA CEO SA Tim Vasudeva said.

Mr Vasudeva said it hadn't worked in other states for a single body to police the greyhound racing industry and promote its commercial interests.

"The SA greyhound racing industry's total lack of transparency is a strong warning that it's also failing here - which is why self-regulation must end," he said.

Greyhound Racing SA CEO Matthew Corby previously said the body would not publicly release the data animal welfare groups were asking for as it would be misused by animal activists.

Mr Bignell has said the state government would continue to support the SA greyhound racing industry, which was on track to reach its target of zero deaths in the sport in SA by 2018.

The SA legislative council is expected to vote on a Greens motion to establish a parliamentary inquiry into the sport in SA on Wednesday.

It comes after revelations of widespread animal cruelty prompted a total ban on the sport in NSW.