Rep. Pramila Jayapal Drops Perfect Response For Fox Reporter’s Biden ‘Decline’ Talk

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) declined to answer a Fox News correspondent’s question about President Joe Biden’s well-being by hitting back with an inquiry of her own on Capitol Hill.

“Do you think it’s OK to have a president where there’s this open question about whether or not he’s in cognitive decline?” asked Hillary Vaughn on Wednesday.

“Do you think it was OK to have Trump in cognitive decline for his entire four years?” said Jayapal before she promptly walked into an elevator.

Donald Trump’s cognition has also been questioned as the former president was reportedly unable to “keep a thought straight” in a meeting with CEOs, had “severe memory issues” during an interview with an author and publicly misnamed his former doctor.

The exchange arrives amid calls from Democrats for Biden to either prove that he has what it takes to be president for another four years or abandon his reelection bid.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus chair — who shared her Biden reelection concerns as his support dropped among Arab Americans in November — took to social media Monday to declare that the “foundation of our democracy” is at stake in 2024 before taking aim at the media.

“Any reporter or pundit who is asking about or talking about the aftermath of President Biden’s debate performance and his health should also be spending at least the same amount of time and energy talking to Republicans about why they are still supporting a convicted felon who incited an insurrection and wants to be Dictator on Day 1,” wrote Jayapal, referring to Trump.

She added that Republicans, too, should be calling for Trump to exit the race and there should be greater coverage of Project 2025 along with his “horrific” statements directed at immigrants and women.

Jayapal also acknowledged that Democrats are in conversations to “consider the best path forward to protect our democracy” and she’s “carefully listening” to party members.