Rental property trashed by 50 youths in out of control party

The owner of a rental property trashed by more than 50 youths was forced to watch the teenagers run riot after police told her it was too dangerous to enter her own home.

Property owner Kelly saw the teenagers smashing up her Melbourne home on security cameras shortly after 9pm on Saturday.

She had been led to believe five people would be staying at the Footscray property.

Kelly has revealed her horror after her rental property was destroyed on Saturday. Source: 7News


Kelly’s property was rented on to what she believed was a group of five friends from Adelaide. Source: 7News

Extensive damage was caused during a violent, out of control party crashed by dozens of African youths.

“They were spitting on her car and then I was checking something and the African boys said ‘Hey b****, f*** you,” neighbour Naz Baliker recalled.

“Almost every door handle has been broken off. Every picture has been ripped off the walls. TVs were both stolen,” Kelly said.

Despite racing  to the house after seeing the damage, police told her there was nothing she could do.

Significant damage was caused to the home, with shattered glass scattered across the property. Source: 7News

“Unfortunately police felt that it wasn’t safe for us to enter the property,” she recalled.

“They felt that under these conditions they didn’t have any right to enter the property.”

The property was booked online at the last minute through website with the girl who made the reservation saying she was visiting from Adelaide with five friends.

Neighbours said around 50 youths descended on the property. Source: 7News

It has now been discovered a fake credit card was used to make the payment of $600 per night while no bond was secured.

“She had answers for everything so i didn’t have any reason to be concerned. It was terrifying. there’s no other way of saying it,” Kelly said.

A 19-year-old man was arrested and fined for drunken behaviour but no one has been held to account for vandalising the rental or threatening the neighbours.

“It was scary. really scary. I don’t want them to rent it out that way,” Ms Baliker said.

It comes just a week after police cars were smashed, as officers tried to break up another party held at a home in north Melbourne which was also booked online.

No charges have been laid over either incident.