Property 'for rent' sparks hilarious reaction for surprising reason

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A property displaying a “for rent” sign has attracted a hilarious reaction after an image of the building was shared online.

The house in Hervey Bay, in southern Queensland, had holes in its walls, a non-existent stairway to the elevated doorway and was surrounded by scaffolding.

Still, a small sign reading “for rent” and a number for the listing written below, was nailed to house so it could be viewed by people using the bordering road.

More than 100 people enjoyed the amusing juxtaposition after a photo of the building was shared to a local community group on Facebook.

The woman, who shared the image, joked “this is what you’re up against” if you were hoping to rent somewhere in Hervey Bay.

This property sparked a hilarious response due to the position of the "for rent" sign. Source: Facebook

“They should be paying you to live in it,” one person wrote.

Another person optimistically asked: “Is it a new Bed and Breakfast?”

A third suggested the successful applicant might be asked to pay extra on their weekly fee if they wanted the use of stairs.

“$350 a week, $420 a week if you want stairs,” they wrote.

Someone else said they almost crashed their car when they saw the bizarre advertisement attached to the house, writing it was a “bit of a shock”.

Another claimed they were so desperate they would happily take the rental off the market in its current state.

“Added bonuses: less door knockers and there’s no need to sweep the front steps at least,” someone else wrote in a comment.

The home was apparently well placed with ocean views in Hervey Bay (pictured). Source: Getty Images

Several others pointed out the home’s “perks”, including not having to install a dog door due to the holes in the walls and being innately suitable to a pole dancer due to the scaffolding.

Locals chimed in to set the record straight on what was actually up for rent and said it was actually a property behind the one pictured that was available.

“It's the house behind! And it is gorgeous,” one wrote.

“It has a house on the rear of the property was that of similar condition to this house pictured, and now it's refurbished and looks so nice,” another said.

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