Missionary 'who claimed to be doctor caused deaths of more than 100 children'

A US missionary is accused of being responsible for the deaths of more than 100 children in her care.

Renee Bach, 35, who runs Serving His Children in Uganda’s east, took malnourished children from hospital into her care allegedly leading to their deaths, news site AllAfrica reports.

It’s further alleged Ms Bach presented herself as a medical professional despite having no qualifications.

Renee Bach is accused of being responsible for the deaths of more than 100 children. Ms Bach, who works with Serving His Children in Uganda, allegedly presented herself as a doctor despite having no medical qualifications. Source: No White Saviors

Mothers Gimbo Zubeda and Kakai Rose, who both lost children, and the Women’s Probono Initiative are launching legal action.

In a statement on the Women’s Probono Initiative’s website, the organisation claims Ms Bach “was often seen wearing a white coat, a stethoscope and often administered medications to children in her care”.

The organisation further claims that Ms Bach “has no training at all in medicine and that in 2015, the District Health Officer had closed her facility and ordered her to not offer any treatment to any child”.

Serving His Children has denied the allegations against Ms Bach claiming she's never presented herself as a doctor. Source: ABC 13

However, it’s further claimed Serving His Children is still accepting patients.

Pictures show ‘scarred children’

Ms Rose claims her son Elijah “was snatched” from her arms “by the actions of Ms Renee Bach” in 2017.

A group called Non White Saviors, which has made the same allegations against Ms Bach, tweeted photos of children it claims were in her care.

A boy named Maasai “has been left with irreversible physical and mental disabilities” due to Ms Bach’s care, Non White Saviors tweeted.

Maasai is seen with scarring on his arm.

No White Saviors claims Maasai 'has been left with irreversible physical and mental disabilities' after being in Ms Bach's care. Source: Twitter/ No White Saviors

Another picture shows a little girl named Patricia who was “left permanently disfigured after a botched blood transfusion performed by Renee”.

An investigation in 2018 by Ugandan news network NBS Television reported deleted blog posts showed Ms Bach “actively involved in medical work”.

A statement from Christian group National Center for Life and Liberty, released on behalf of Serving His Children, states Ms Bach never presented herself as a medical professional and the lawsuit is “entirely without merit”.

The group said Serving His Children used Ugandan doctors to administer medical treatment.

“Reputational terrorists are attacking Renee Bach and Serving His Children with false allegations using the platform of social media, enabling entire communities to determine guilt or innocence,” the statement reads.

Ms Bach pictured in 2014. Serving His Children also claims two children named in the lawsuit were never cared by her. Source: Facebook/ Serving His Children

It further claims Serving His Children helped save 3600 malnourished children and one of the children of either Ms Rose and Ms Zubeda who died wasn’t treated by the organisation.

The other wasn’t treated by Ms Bach, National Center for Life and Liberty claimed.

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