Renault F1 chief wants harsher punishment for Racing Point

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Demands: Renault Formula One team chief Cyril Abiteboul

Renault team chief Cyril Abiteboul wants to see rivals Racing Point stripped of all the points they have collected at races where their car was protested as illegal.  

Speaking at the Spanish Grand Prix on Friday, Abiteboul said he believed the docking of 15 points and fine of 400,000 Euros, as handed out by the FIA's stewards hearing that upheld Renault's protest of the Racing Bull car, was inadequate.

Renault and Ferrari have appealed that verdict and the sanctions, as delivered at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone last week, and say they are too lenient. 

Racing Point have also appealed the verdict, claiming they are innocent and wish to clear their name.

Racing Point have been permitted to continue to use the controversial rear brake ducts that were allegedly copied from Mercedes' 2019 title winning car – an issue that the Renault chief wants to see clarified because the team are reprimanded each time.

"We were expecting a consistent sanction," said Abiteboul. 

"With others in the past, and the most recent one being that one we accepted last year, after Suzuka, when we were found to be in breach of the sporting regulations and not the technical regulations – and (we were) excluded from that event and therefore lost all of our points.

"There was no discount for Renault so I don't know why there should be a discount for Racing Point. It should be all the points of the events that have been protested."

He added that it was "a bit of a strange situation" that Racing Point should be called to the stewards for a reprimand at every event for continuing to run the brake ducts.

"So, we face the prospect of what – almost ten races, or something, where their cars are reprimanded. It's a bit of a strange situation and I think that we'd like to have a bit more clarity about that.

"I'm not necessarily saying they should be excluded for the season, but I think that from a communication standpoint, to the fan, the's a bit awkward so we we'd like some closure on that."


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