Reminder to stay out of flooded waters after huge crocodile spotted on road

Police are urging motorists to be careful of flooded motorways after they spotted a large crocodile in the middle of the road on Saturday night.

Officers were driving through Tully in north Queensland when they saw the reptile on the road and have released footage of the frightening encounter.

“With North Queensland well-known ‘croc country’, police near Tully came across a crocodile sitting near the middle of the road last night,” Queensland Police said in a statement on Sunday.

“Officers fortunately were able to avoid the animal.

Queensland Police officers spotted the croc in the middle of a road in Tully, north Queensland. Source: Queensland Police

“However with heavy rains still falling from ex-tropical Cyclone Owen, wildlife can be expected to be displaced and may wander onto roadways.”

The video taken by officers shows a crocodile in the middle of a dark road.

Heavy rainfall continues in parts of Queensland and police warn drivers to exercise extreme care on the roads and to limit non-essential travel.