Remarkable twist after family find time capsule in backyard

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

There’s been a remarkable twist after a Perth couple dug up a time capsule buried in the early 1990s.

Erin Bain wrote on Facebook her partner Blake Walker came across the capsule while at work on a construction site in the Perth suburb of Cloverdale on Monday.

Inside was a magazine, TV guide, an earring, one cent coin and a mysterious photo of what appears to be a father and son with a message on the back.

“Does anyone happen to know this family or are you this family? The photo shows that James is the dad and Ken is the son. Super curious if they're still around,” Ms Bain wrote.

The message is dated October 24, 1993, and informs whoever finds the capsule the items inside “belong to the Davidson family”.

Erin Bain was looking for the owners of this time capsule buried in October 1993. Source: Facebook/Erin Bain

People watched the post in anticipation of Ms Bain reuniting the capsule with the people who buried it.

“That’s so cool,” one woman wrote.

Others added leads as to who or where the family might be.

And it turns out, Ms Bain managed to find them after someone came across the post.

“Oh my God,” one woman wrote. 

“I think this is my aunty, uncle and cousins’ time capsule. They lived in Cloverdale, have tagged them.”

The woman added her cousin “supposedly” buried it in the backyard but the family could never find it. They have since all left Cloverdale.

Ms Bain was able to reunite this photo with its owners. Source: Facebook/ Erin Bain

Another woman, believed to be the mother of the Davidson children, responded too.

“I am so glad you put the post up. We often looked for and discussed the capsule,” she wrote.

“Cheers and thank you. It is especially poignant for us as I recently sold the property after it being our family home for 45 years.”

Another family member shared the post writing it’s “so awesome” to see the capsule again.

“Sad to see the family home go but what a nice surprise and a great way to celebrate the end of so many happy memories,” he wrote.

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