Forensics confirm remains found in Port Douglas are human in suspected croc attack

Forensic officers have confirmed the remains found on a creek bank near Port Douglas in Queensland are human and most likely that of 79-year-old missing woman Anne Cameron.

Police believe the grandmother who suffers from dementia was taken by a crocodile, although rangers are yet to identify the croc responsible.

As the investigation continues, calls for a croc cull are growing louder with maverick federal MP Bob Katter rebuking the "dumb imbeciles" in the state government for knowing "nothing about nature".

Police believe missing woman Anne Cameron has been taken by a crocodile. Source: 7 News

Mrs Cameron went missing from a nursing home on Tuesday. On Thursday her clothes and walking stick were found near the mouth of a local creek.

An agitated three-metre long croc was caught on Wednesday evening in Port Douglas, but authorities do not believe it attacked Mrs Cameron.

Clothes and a walking stick belonging to Mrs Cameron were found at the mouth of this creek. Source: 7 News
An agitated croc was captured on Wednesday evening but it's not believed to have attacked Anne Cameron. Source: 7 News

The animal thought to be the culprit is much larger.

"We spent time on the Mowbray River last night doing reconnaissance work and did not identify any animals we would identify as the target animal," a local ranger said.

Inspector Ed Lukin of Queensland Police said the remains found indicated the involvement of a crocodile attack.

The attack site is near the Mowbray River, where crocodiles are known to be present.

On Friday a large croc was spotted lurking near the bridge which leads into Port Douglas.

This croc was spotted in the area on Friday. Source: 7 News

"I have heard rumours there are two crocs that are four metres long that pass by the beach," Douglas Shire deputy mayor Abigail Noli said.

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter wants all crocodiles removed near populate areas.

"You dumb imbeciles who know nothing about nature, you know nothing about how the world works, you live in your concrete pavements in Brisbane," Mr Katter said of the state government's opposition to a croc cull.

Bob Katter is calling for a crocodile cull. Source: 7 News

"Now we're losing a life every five months."

This is the third crocodile attack in Queensland in 2017.

Government figures show there have been 33 attacks since 1985, 12 of them fatal.

There have been 33 croc attacks since 1985, 12 of them fatal. Source: 7 News

"The reports are very disturbing and I'm awaiting the results of the investigation," Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Friday.

The nursing home where Mrs Cameron resided says she was on her regular afternoon walk when she went missing and wasn't a resident of their special secure unit.

While the grandmother's devastated family wait, rangers will continue to search the area from the air and will return to the river on Friday night.