Release slain bus driver report: family

Stuart Layt

The family of slain bus driver Manmeet Alisher want the Queensland government to publicly release a report into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Mr Alisher's brother Amit as well as other members of his family have travelled to Brisbane to attend memorial services in his honour, but they have had no contact from the state government.

"Today marks six months since it happened, and we would like to know exactly what is happening with the case," Mr Alisher told reporters through a translator on Friday.

"We want to know if there was a mental health issue, why he was out on the street, and how he bought the chemical (that was allegedly used), how easily it is available."

However Health Minister Cameron Dick said Mr Alisher's parents on Friday met with the Queensland Victims Support Service, and his department had offered a number of times to meet with them as well.

"I make no criticism of the family, we've been trying to contact them through their legal representatives, that was the advice we received from the Queensland Police Service as the best way to contact them," Mr Dick said.

"I'm very happy to meet with them, if they require that."

Manmeet Alisher died after being set on fire while making a routing stop in his bus at Moorooka in October last year.

The 29-year-old's alleged attacker Anthony O'Donohue is charged with murder as well as the attempted murder of passengers who were on the bus at the time, however his case has been adjourned until May 4 while a comprehensive psychiatric assessment is carried out.

The government on Wednesday announced they would not be publicly releasing the results of a review of the response by health services to the incident because they had received legal advice that it could prejudice O'Donohue's trial.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls has joined Mr Alisher's family in calling for the government to release the report.

"What we're seeing here is a veil of secrecy being thrown over the actions of the Metro South Health Service for the events events that led up to what occurred on that tragic day," Mr Nicholls said.

"The public need to have confidence that when people are released back into the community there is the appropriate safeguards in place."

But Mr Dick said he was "disappointed" the opposition was using the issue for "political advantage."

"I'm very saddened by the approach the opposition has taken, Queensland Health has done its best to support this family," he said.

"This report will be released in full following the completion of the criminal proceedings, and that's appropriate."

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk released a statement on Friday saying she would be meeting with Mr Alisher's parents next week at the invitation of the Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland.