Regenerating Australia official trailer

Award-winning filmmaker Damon Gameau helps us look towards a brighter future. Source: Regenerating Australia

Video transcript


- We leave you with a look back at the highlights of a remarkable decade that has changed Australia forever.

- The 2020s began in extraordinary fashion.

- Work more [? regionally. ?]

- More work, more opportunity.

- Solar and batteries would be ideal.

- [INAUDIBLE] be the sustainable society.

- Today marks the first time that Australia has run on 90% renewable energy for an entire month.

- That makes me feel really, really happy.

- The government today announced it will follow the lead of other countries and live stream key policy discussions.

- I think it's good. We need transparency.

- Australians are now seeking out Australian made and owned products. The ripple effect is that we are now seeing healthy farmers.

- There's nothing like endangered animals in a landscape that's coming back to life to give all Australians a real heartbeat.

- We can deal better with the world when we're connected to nature.

- It's been amazing to see the change that's happened from the closure of the power stations to the renewable energy zones. The young people are starting to stay and find work.

- This family, right now, are earning cash because their electricity service provider are paying them to use the battery in this [INAUDIBLE] as storage for the grid.

- In a decade full of transition and tragedy, many Australians are finding renewed purpose in the regeneration of our social and ecosystems. Australians are starting to feel more secure.


- This is a landmark day for our country.

- A day like this means that all of this work has actually meant something.

- Respect is back. And now pride is back. Respecting the environment. From that gives us the strength to look to a brighter future.

- If not me, who? If not now, when do we do it? And it's never too late to stand up and take action together.

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