Refugee rocket scientist's hunt for work sparks viral Twitter campaign

Mary Engleheart tweeted a picture of refugee graduate Mohamed who is searching for a job (Picture: Twitter/Mary Engleheart)

A rocket scientist who came to the UK as a child refugee has taken Twitter by storm with a job hunt with a difference.

A picture of Mohamed was shared by Mary Engleheart, digital manager at the International Rescue Comittee, who spotted the UCL graduate as she came out of the tube at London’s Canary Wharf.

Mohamed was clutching a sign that read: “Came as a refugee, just graduated from UCL in ROCKET SCIENCE. Looking for a career in Finance. Ask for CV.”

Along with the picture, Mary wrote: “I met Mohamed coming out of the tube at Canary Wharf this morning. He came to the UK as a child refugee and has two degrees in Space Engineering. He’s looking for a JOB IN FINANCE.

“Please RT! DM me for his CV if you want to hire someone smart who thinks outside the box.”

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The tweet has since been shared 13,000 times and liked around 19,000 times with many people supporting Mohamed, using the hashtag #GetMohamedAJob

Several recruitment agencies and individuals tweeted that they planned to contact the graduate to follow up on his request.

Mary later tweeted that she had been totally “overwhelmed” by the “amazing response” to her tweet, adding: “Thank you all”.