Reformation’s new workwear collection communicates an important message

reformation workwear
Reformation workwear has arrivedCourtesy Reformation

Socially driven fashion brand Reformation is no stranger to starting conversations: in 2015, it began offsetting its entire carbon footprint, at a time when most fashion brands weren’t even considering sustainability. There’s the collection of dresses designed especially for bigger busts – frequently relied-upon for weddings and events – and the production of 300,000 face masks for emergency workers during the pandemic. As the brand’s promise to become climate positive by 2025 looms near, we expect them to soon be raising the sustainability bar in the industry once more.

But this month, Reformation is hoping to make headlines for a different, yet equally important reason: the brand has partnered with Monica Lewinsky and to encourage women in the US to register to vote in this November’s election.

The You’ve Got The Power campaign is Lewinsky’s first ever fashion collaboration, shot by Zoey Grossman and spotlighting the brand’s new workwear line. According to Lauren Caris Cohan, Reformation’s chief creative officer, Lewinsky was the only person the brand wanted to work with. “She is a bullseye for the Ref archetype – smart, funny, sexy – and a walking embodiment of what it means to embrace your power,” she tells Bazaar. “It was also really exciting from a creative standpoint to partner with her on her first fashion campaign. We wanted to create something fresh and emotional, but still very true to who she is as a woman.”

A marked departure from the floral dresses and puff sleeves the brand is largely known for, the collection is a tightly edited selection of weekday classics, from the perfect black blazer to versatile trousers, and a leather trench coat we predict will sell out instantly.

The collection focuses on workwear essentials”, says Cohan. “It’s power dressing to complement whatever power move you’re gearing up to make.” Her top pick? The Moya linen two-piece set, as “red is hands down the colour of the season and perfect for packing a punch.”

To further benefit the cause, 100 per cent of the proceeds from the collection’s central slogan sweatshirt will be donated to “Every election is important, but after a record turnout in 2020, there’s concern that frustration and apathy may lead to a lower turnout this year, especially among young people,” adds Cohan. “This is our third voting campaign, so we were inspired to do something a little different. We want to evoke an emotional response, create conversation and hopefully help push people into action.”

“Voting is using our voice to be heard and it’s the most defining – and powerful – aspect of democracy,” adds Monica Lewinsky. “Voting is always important, but the stakes are especially high this year with voter frustration and apathy threatening to meaningfully impact turnout. I’m excited and grateful to be working with Reformation to remind people to register, use their voice and vote! A Ref woman is an empowered woman – and an empowered woman uses her voice.”

Of course the sentiment of the campaign travels over the pond too: in the UK, our next election will be held before 28 January 2025, with some experts saying it may be as early as this coming May. In 2019’s election, the voting gender gap was the largest in 50 years, with men voting disproportionately for the Conservatives, and women for Labour. In 2023’s State of Public Opinion report it is said that, given that women make up 51 per cent of the adult population and a higher proportion of eligible voters, "women’s votes are essential to secure an electoral majority".

So whether you’re wearing that bright-red skirt suit to the office, or indeed the polling station, we think this line-up of modern workwear essentials makes a very worthy investment.

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