Reform UK Row Erupts After Dumped Deputy Leader Threatens To Quit Party

Ben Habib was co-deputy leader of Reform UK until today.
Ben Habib was co-deputy leader of Reform UK until today. Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Reform UK has been hit by its first internal row since the election after the party’s deputy leader threatened to quit after being dumped by Nigel Farage.

Ben Habib has been replaced in the role by Richard Tice, who stood down as leader during the campaign to make way for Farage.

The party, which had five MPs elected last Thursday, announced a shake-up of its top team this morning.

As well as Tice becoming deputy leader, his fellow MP Lee Anderson is Reform UK’s first ever chief whip, while party donor Zia Yusuf has been made its chairman.

In a post on X, Habib said: “I have just been informed by Nigel Farage that Richard Tice is taking over as deputy leader of the party. Consequently I no longer hold that position.

“I am considering my position more generally in light of this change. I have long held concerns about the control of the party and the decision-making processes. I will reflect on all of this.

“The key for me is that Reform UK stays true to the promises made to the British people. The movement we have created does not belong to us, it belongs to the people. We are obliged and indebted to the British people.”

A Reform UK spokesman told HuffPost UK: “When leaderships change, positions change. That is normal in politics.”

A party source said it was “unclear what position Ben is considering as he no longer has one”.

Zia Yusuf said: “The important work of professionalising the party, building national infrastructure and continuing to grow membership has already begun.

“I will bring all my expertise, energy and passion to the role to ensure we achieve our mission of returning Great Britain to greatness.”