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Redfin CEO on agents using ChatGPT: 'Not all the people who go into real estate are William Shakespeare'

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman discusses agents using ChatGPT and says the technology will "change online marketing."

You can see the full interview here.

Key video highlights

00:00 On use of ChatGPT

00:18 On the change to online marketing

Video transcript

GLENN KELMAN: Some of our agents are using this technology to follow up with customers. Not all the people who go into real estate are William Shakespeare, and so they struggle with just composing an email that's grammatically correct. And if you give ChatGPT just a few facts about what's going on with this customer, you get a nice email on the other side. So I think ChatGPT is going to change online marketing just generally. More people are going to use it to create content when they're not good writers themselves. They're just like my fifth grader who's trying to figure out how to get a term paper done.