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A Reddit Leak Suggests New Taco Bell Items Might Be Coming

Assorted food from Taco Bell
Assorted food from Taco Bell - Rachel Murray/Getty Images

According to a leak shared via Reddit, Taco Bell may be in the process of testing some exciting new items for potential release. A Redditor claiming to be part of the focus group shared 10 items in total, including the Mexican BBQ Brisket Taco, Mulita Melt, Cheddar Jalapeno Delights, Mexi-Bites, Cheesy Double Crunch Taco, Rolled Taki Taco, Pringles Taco, Steak and Cheese Machete Taco, Cheesy Mini Dipping Burritos, and items inspired by Jarritos Mexican Soda.

While some people expressed doubt about the veracity of the leak, it appears to be the real deal, at least according to a moderator who wrote, "This is verified as an actual research survey," and noted that it appears that the survey was run by "a legitimate company with real research." However, they also added, "These are all concepts that are in very early stages, we can't confirm if they are solely from the Taco Bell Test Kitchen or if it came from a partner." In any event, many of the new items are being met with massive enthusiasm by Taco Bell fans, with a few standouts among the pack.

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What Do Fans Have To Say About Taco Bell's Proposed New Items?

Taco Bell storefront
Taco Bell storefront - M. Suhail/Getty Images

Among the 10 items currently undergoing testing, the Mexican BBQ Brisket Taco has garnered an impassioned response among commenters. According to one person, "After the surprise of how good the shredded beef was flavored, I'd definitely be more interested in the brisket taco." Per the screenshots featuring the new items, the Mexican BBQ Brisket Taco, which features "slow-smoked beef brisket flavored with a Mexican dry rub," is served in a cheesy soft taco and topped with purple cabbage, tomatoes, fried onion strings, shredded cheese, BBQ sauce, and "pickle" de gallo, which the poster described as "pico de gallo with pieces of pickle in it."

The Jarritos-inspired menu is also gaining attention, and according to one fan, "If I could get a Jarritos freeze I'd cry." The chain is also testing a carne asada taco where the meat is actually marinated in mandarin-flavored Jarritos for a beefy, citrusy delight. However, the Pringles Taco left some people scratching their heads, particularly when it comes to the matter of stability. As one person put it, "Pringles shatter if you look at them the wrong way." While there's no telling when or if these new items will make their way to locations around the country, it's safe to say that fans are highly intrigued.

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