Man's brutal advice for 'annoying' husband earns praise

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A man who doled out some brutal yet effective advice to a self-described ‘annoying’ husband has earned the praise of his fellow social media users.

The interaction occurred on online forum Reddit’s ‘Ask Men’ thread when a user posed the question, “Fellow married men, how do you continue to court your wife?”

A Reddit user asked for advice on how to reignite the 'spark' in his marriage. Photo: Reddit.
A Reddit user asked for advice on how to reignite the 'spark' in his marriage. Photo: Reddit.

He explained that he wed his wife five years ago but had begun to notice that their relationship ‘isn't the same as it once was’.

“I’m always drawing blanks on how to whoo [sic] her and make her feel loved, special, and listened to. How can I improve and get that spark back? I feel that I'm just annoying and a burden for her recently,” he added.


As if on cue, in swooped a hubby in shining armour to answer the first man’s marriage woes.

After 14 years with his wife, he had the following to say about how he contributes to keeping their union happy and healthy:

“I mean, regular shoulder rubs, swinging by to get her coffee when I'm on my way home from errands, literally telling her out loud several times a week how much I am still in love with her, all that good stuff,” he said.

That wasn’t the only sage advice he delivered; shoulder rubs and coffee, he explained, mean nothing unless husbands are willing to pull their weight when it comes to the physical and emotional load at home.

“Those are just polish on a turd if you aren't an equal partner in the labour of running your household,” he stated.

“So the real answer is to measure how much you can reduce her daily stress and then take action on it without being asked. Stress and anxiety smother the strongest love over time, so just make sure you're being a good dude on the daily. Then your little love notes in her lunch or whatever will have a chance to keep her smiling,” he went on.

As an afterthought, he added: “And if you've got kids (as a lot of us do!) this applies triple”.

The man’s wise words were celebrated by his fellow Redditors in the comments, with one congratulating him with, “Well said”.

A woman piped up to praise the hero hubby’s ability to sum up the ingredients for a lasting relationship.

“This! My husband always thinks gifts are the cure to everything and I explain to him that helping around the house is probably the thing that would make me the happiest. You really sum things up well here!” she wrote.

One Redditor's 'spot on' advice earned much praise. Photo: Reddit.
One Redditor's 'spot on' advice earned much praise. Photo: Reddit.

Another man jumped in to share how his commitment to ‘doing more around the house’ helped bring him and his wife of nine years back together after they started ‘drifting apart’.

“[It] made all the difference. Please please take this advice and be an equal partner in the housework/chores,” he recommended.

“Also, communicate clearly about what you want/need out of the relationship. People can't read minds,” he added.

The man who wrote the original post that kicked off the discussion returned to thank everyone for the ‘great advice’ and reveal that the post was so popular that it was even given a spot on Reddit’s coveted front page.

Here’s hoping he logged off soon after and got stuck into washing the dishes!

Others chipped in with their tips. Photo: Reddit.
Others chipped in with their tips. Photo: Reddit.

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