Red Wine And Ginger Ale Are All You Need For A Refreshing Spritzer

Two red wine spritzers
Two red wine spritzers - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Red wine is one of the most ubiquitous of all alcoholic drinks, but most avid drinkers of this beverage never consider adding a thing to it. Still, red wine is versatile and pairs well with a lot of other beverages to create a delicious wine spritzer. One such mixture that we're surprised isn't more popular? Red wine and ginger ale.

This is a very simple wine spritzer to craft, and it's becoming more popular by the day because of its surprisingly good taste. The rich depth of red wine is complemented beautifully by the light and sweet flavors of ginger ale. (Even Harry Styles sings the praises of this particular combination in one of his songs.) Garnish this wine spritzer with some orange wedges or lime slices, and you've got yourself a super easy-to-make yet fancy-feeling beverage to indulge in.

Think of this drink as a unique take on a simple sangria, or even something akin to an alcoholic Shirley Temple. If you're not on board, see what those who have already tried this drink have to say.

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Fans Weigh In On This Simple Wine Spritzer

A can of ginger ale
A can of ginger ale - Bloomberg/Getty Images

While there are many ways to enjoy this wine spritzer, most fans say this combination would be a great way to use up a bottle of red wine that you're not a fan of. The sweet syrup of the soda will mask the unsavory bitterness of a bad wine. For good bottles, though, it's always an option too.

This drink is also an affordable alternative to other cocktails. One Reddit user in particular dubbed this spritzer as a perfect fancy drink for broke 20-somethings. Why shell out $30 on a bottle of gin and some tonic water when you can make a simple wine spritzer instead? Others, however, think of the soda-wine combination as an affront to their favorite beverage -- one commenter likened it to pouring A1 Sauce all over a steak.

Since this drink has mixed reviews, it might be something you'll just have to try for yourself. For some other unique red wine spritzer ideas, read on.

Other Ways To Spritz Up Red Wine

A red wine spritzer in a glass
A red wine spritzer in a glass - Andrii Moniuk/Getty Images

If you're not a fan of ginger ale, you're not completely out of luck. There are many different ways to elevate a glass of red wine, and adding that classic soda is just one of them. Another ingredient that can help elevate red wine is lemonade. This beverage is perfect for those summer months when you want to lighten up a glass of red wine. For some extra bubbles, try using a sparkling variety.

For those that are big fans of fizz, but not so much a ginger or lemon taste, adding a dash of soda water into your wine may be your way to let it sparkle. This method adds a subtle sweetness without overwhelming the flavor of the wine, so it could be a good choice for one of your favorite bottles.

Wine spritzers are one of the most customizable beverages out there, so don't be afraid to get creative. And if you end up enjoying red wine spritzers, why not give a white wine spritzer a try as well?

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