'Just grab it': Nightclub slammed for 'offensive' Instagram post

An Adelaide nightclub has been slammed for an Instagram post encouraging patrons to grope women.

The Red Square nightclub on Hindley Street regularly posts provocative photos of women on social media to its 11,600 followers.

But a post promoting “RSQ Saturdays” at the club last weekend left many appalled.

“If you see a good [peach emoji] in the club, just grab it,” the caption reads next to a photo of a woman’s bottom being grabbed.

The club (right) has been slammed for the post (left). Source: Instagram/ Seven News

The person who posted the pic then edited the caption and removed the “just grab it” part.

One user questioned the club’s advertising campaign and said, “encouraging sexual assault” is “probably not a good look”.

Seven News showed the advertisement to patrons on Hindley Street on Monday, and their reaction was the same.

“That is so offensive,” one woman said.

“That’s disgusting, I don’t think that’s very good,” a man said.

“It disrespects women [and] their privacy.”

Samantha Zerella, 21, who posed for the photo believed the post didn’t mean any harm.

“I think they just wrote that without thinking anything of it,” she said.

The club's social media marketing regularly uses provocative photos. Source: Instagram

Red Square said the “inexperienced” staff member responsible for the post has since been trained on what is and isn’t acceptable social media content.

It has also issued an apology on Facebook.

“Rather than discussing the issue with senior management, the staff member thought they were resolving it by later deleting the second half of the comment,” the statement reads.

“Red Square sincerely apologises if the image and comment has caused any offence as that was not its intention.

The club has issued an apology. Source: Instagram


The person who posted the photo originally removed the 'just grab it' from the text. Source: Instagram

“But wishes to strongly assure everybody that the safety and security of Red Square's guests are the primary concern, and always have been since opening fifteen years ago.”

The post has since been removed.