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Red Rooster worker fired over $100 theft 'joke' on TikTok

An online “joke” has backfired for a Red Rooster worker in Brisbane.

The young woman was reportedly shown the door after admitting she "stole" from the business in a Tiktok post earlier this month.

“When I accidentally put a $100 note in my pocket at work,” she wrote over a video of her wearing a company top and headset while working in the kitchen.

“Why my [sic] so silly,” she added in the caption with the hashtag 'joke'.

The Red Rooster worker revealed the comment on TikTok hat got her fired. Source: TikTok
The Red Rooster worker revealed the comment on TikTok hat got her fired. Source: TikTok

TikTokers slam employee

Whether or not the worker was serious, the clip has been given some serious heat with more than a million views and almost 1,000 comments since it was uploaded on Saturday.

“So no one thinks of a digital footprint no more?” one user asked, while another insisted that the girl “will definitely get fired for this.”

“Girl, that’s a crime!” someone else added. “Well there goes your job,” wrote a fourth person.

While another even claimed they had “emailed Red Rooster” to alert them.

red rooster store
The owner of Red Rooster did not respond to requests for comment.

Chicken company claps back

By Sunday the company had cottoned on and allegedly fired the employee in question – who once again took to TikTok to apparently share the text sealing her fate.

“I have been notified of the TikTok video you posted on 4/2/23 regarding a $100 you stole,” the message, seemingly from a superior, wrote. “Stealing is not tolerated here at Red Rooster and we will be terminating your contract as of today. Please return your work uniform as soon as possible.”

The young woman was short in response, sending a simple “lol no.”

“We kindly ask for your cooperation regarding this subject,” her manager asked before advising the now-ex worker that “the police will soon be investigating this case.”

But the employee was adamant. “It’s black history month,” she wrote, referring to the celebration in the US. “You can’t fire me.”

The latest video, which has racked up close to a million views, was titled “no more fried chicken for me y’all snitches” with many saying the move was “deserved.”

The owner of Red Rooster did not respond to repeated requests from Yahoo for comment.

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