Recovery begins on Kangaroo Island

Wildlife official Mike Williams has been appointed to lead the recovery on Kangaroo Island from the devastating bushfires.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service senior executive has been named the local recovery coordinator to support islanders as they come to grips with their needs over the coming weeks and months.

"This is an unprecedented tragedy for the Kangaroo Island community, who are now facing a recovery effort on a scale never seen before on the island," SA Human Services Minister Michelle Lensink said.

"Mr Williams will work with locals to coordinate recovery measures and help residents, primary producers, tourism operators and other local businesses navigate a way forward.

"His appointment recognises the unique challenges facing Kangaroo Island as it embarks on the process of recovery, including geographic isolation, losses relative to population, impacts on local economic activity and community wellbeing."

A bushfire advice message remains in place for the major fire which has burnt more than 155,000 hectares of scrub, including large parts of the Flinders Chase National Park.

Many homes, farm buildings and other structures have been lost but damage assessment is still underway.

Residents impacted by the blaze can also access hardship payments of $280 for each adult and up to $700 for a family to help with their immediate needs.

Federal Natural Disaster and Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud said this support would put cash in the pockets of those most in need.

"These hardship payments are to help meet immediate needs such as food, clothing and medicine," he said.

"These emergency relief payments will put cash in the pockets of those most in need and help give them dignity."