Record number of threats during election

Police dealt with an unprecedented number of threats against parliamentarians during this year's federal election campaign.

The threat level heightened after a British member of parliament was fatally stabbed in broad daylight while carrying out official duties last year.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw said threats against parliamentarians and their families continued to increase.

"During the election we had a record number of incidents," he told a Senate estimates hearing on Tuesday.

"We are more and more going to be required to protect our high office holders."

There were about 2200 police escorts in the lead-up to and just after the federal election in May.

The commissioner said the force was looking at bringing in counter-terrorism officers to help tackle the growing threat.

"Our counter-terrorism people are used to dealing with threats constantly," Mr Kershaw said.

"So for us it makes sense to have that lined up, given the fact we are seeing an increase in the number of threats."

Police are tracking cyber threats and attacks against MPs.

"Often it is through the online environment that threats are made," Mr Kershaw said.

The agency is also reviewing how to assess threats to high office holders.