Recently adopted girl dies after father leaves her in hot car

A recently adopted one-year-old has tragically died after her new father left her in a truck all day.

Metro Nashville police in Tennessee said little girl’s adoptive father reportedly forgot about the child after dropping off her sibling at daycare.

The baby’s adoptive mother found the child around 5.40pm on Wednesday still strapped in her car seat inside the pickup truck.

A one-year-old has died after she was left in her car seat inside a truck for an entire day. Photo: Metro Nashville PD

The vehicle was parked just outside their home.

The one-year-old was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead a short time later.

Outside temperatures in the area reached 31 degrees and it is believed to have been much hotter inside the truck.

Police said the parents had recently adopted the girl and no arrests have been announced, News Channel 3 reported.